Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Cheating Heart
Bill Weather
On 2/11/15, I dreamt I had a girlfriend. In this dream it felt so much like in high school, full of discovery and vision. I was at a dining area table with another couple and a friend who was single. I was telling them I wanted to plan a date night with them this Friday night, but not sure if my girl friend was still going to be my girl friend by then because I knew her heart was with another and even knew the boy she was cheating on me with. We were going to have to have a long serious chat about it because we had not officially broken up or to see where her heart was really at on the whole situation.

It was going to be a fun date night and my roommate had just bought an entertainment center that was a padded entertainment center where we were going to play some fun interactive games. Then the friend there threw a pillow into the entertainment center to show us a fun game we had planned for the date night.

Interpretation - In the dream, I was as the Lord and the girl friend was as his wayward children who have not fully dedicated to him. In fact, when not fully dedicated, the Lord feels they are cheating on him, for God is a jealous lover. Like a high school sweetheart, he wants all of us and will not share us with another. Some of his children know better, but are still out cheating on him.

God wants to have a fun date night with you in the Spirit, to share with you in the joy, peace and power of the Holy Spirit, but first, there must be a long serious talk to see where you're heart is, with him and his people or with another, who cannot save you and cannot give you joy as only he can.

The padded entertainment center was the Lord wanting to have a fun time of joy and peace with you. He is not wanting to be hard on you. He wants to pad you in his presence, but if you do not show up for the date night with him, a hard crash will come.

In this dream, The Lord's heart felt like it was being dragged around and there was uncertainty and pain that he would only endure for so long before there would be a cutting off and he would have to look for a new, in the Spirit, spiritually speaking, girlfriend.

Stop cheating on the Lord. Stopping running with a people who are not his. Stop abusing yourself with fleeting lusts and wanderings that are going no where! Sin is pleasurable but for only a season, then payment must be made. Return to the Husband of us all, Yahweh Yirah, our provider, for you oh Lord, you alone have the words of eternal life. Where else shall we go!

Father Yah, there are those of your children who know better. They know, but they are running from you. They are in bondage to the pleasures and lusts and insecurities of this life. They seek out that which is a fools heart and run after things that can never truly satisfy. But you are the lover of our souls. I pray whatever it takes, wind, rain, storms..... send whatever you need to draw them home to you, because it is with you that there is everlasting joy and peace and a life that is way better than anything here on earth. Convict them of their heart of Esau, who would sell their great inheritance with you for a mere morsel of meat, for that is what this life is like compared to life with you, a cheap morsal of meat that is not ever to even be looked at but with pity for the fools who follow after such lusts. Oh God, your heart is torn up inside. You can only go so far with these wayward children before you must cut off and find another to take their place, for only the faithful to you will inherit all things. There are seats to be filled, but they cannot be filled with the unfaithful. There are crowns to be wore, but they cannot be wore by those who are unfaithful. There is glory, joy, pleasures and delights with you that cannot be shared with the unfaithful. Your loves covets to fill those places with the faithful who will love you King of Glory! Turn their hearts to you. Convict them! Let them see, all is vain but to be with you!

What shall it profit a man if he were to gain the who world, yet loose his own soul.

In Christ, Weather